Gathering Days

by The Paolilli Brothers

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released May 12, 2017

Produced and Mixed by Nick Paolilli, John Paolilli, Dave Jordan
Recorded at The Conservatory at Highlands, Newton, MA, Spring 2017

Nick Paolilli - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bass
John Paolilli - Electric Guitars, Lap Steel
Dave Jordan - Drums

Lyrics by Nick Paolilli
Music by Nick Paolilli, John Paolilli, Dave Jordan



all rights reserved


The Paolilli Brothers

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Track Name: Just Talk
They said "the first year is hardest, but it won't last"
So why am I still running from a kick in the ass?
Guess it's all my fault

As you hold me here at gunpoint with the fears you wed
Your last chance is leaving on a southern train instead
But that's all my fault

Say what you will

Big talk is just talk
First man on the hill always winds up getting shot
His bloodstains lost to the snow

I could almost hear the sunrise over the walking dead
It's a constant reminder to wish we never met
And that's all my fault

Big talk is just talk
Does it make a difference? You were with it from the start
Whatever gets you on the rope
Track Name: Nowhere, Massachusetts
Ever since I can remember there's been three ways out of town
East on 119, North on 111, or in a particle board box six feet down
There's not much to say of this town

In years past we owned the pines
Huffy bikes and golden eyes
Now pills follow needles follow pills
It's a sick sight, always shoot to kill

And you look the other way
Does it get harder everyday?
Plastic smiles block the sunlight out
Ignore the darkness on the edge of town

At least when you die
You can thank your lucky stars
That your folks won't have to work so hard
For just one photo where you didn't look so high

Long cherished heroics of a bridge
Today a man dies under it
As we honor the birth of this land
They shut the lights off in the ambulance
Track Name: In the Depths of August
Spent summer nights with the radio dial
A window fan and sunburned pine
I was so sure that there was more than this
Losing sleep and gathering days
I'm gathering days

What have we become?
Like blisters in the sun
On and on I carry the weight I've outgrown
Anchoring me back home
But in the depths of August I'll know

She said, "Love, I think I've had enough"
A winter's drought of words to say
I've been chasing ghosts
And you're the settled dust
We've gotten good at gathering days
We're gathering days

And it's just too late to drive
And we're all just flowers on a power line
Track Name: The North Shore
There's a street light dancing on my wall
There's an ocean wind at my door
And I can't break from the sound
It's a fist fight with myself
Another night another bottle down

Did you ever get out of this town?
Did you ever worry where I am now?
Cause I fought, I called
But I just can't leave it alone
Did you ever really care to know?

I gave up the gun a long time ago
And you wonder why I'm never home
You can live and die at sea
Or in a cityscape from hell
The North Shore got the best of me

Did you ever get out of this town?
Did you ever wonder where I am now?
Cause I fought, I called
But I just can't hang up the phone
Did you ever really feel alone?

Once heard a voice say, "You can count on me"
But the myth of New England runs deep
So I traded in my knives, but found them back in me
And the myth of New England runs deep
Track Name: Ginger and Astaire
Like the last of kin
With his hand on the plug
It's just not enough
To call it all off

In front of their eyes
It's all been a lie

Like Ginger and Astaire
We keep it up for show
We don't love it anymore
But you don't like being alone

I lay me down
In this mess that we made
Cause maybe in sleep
It's still cheek to cheek

And I know it's not right
This Irish goodbye

Like Ginger and Astaire
It's all we've ever known
My oars to the storm
You're clawing back to shore

Clawing back to shore
Track Name: A Reason to Believe
I watched the clouds break of a passing storm
It was copper and burgundy against a midnight moon
Mr. Jones just let it be
Guess it's time I come clean

Give me a reason to believe
Cause I just wanna feel something
I wanna get lost in your eyes
I just wanna fall in love tonight

And she's off dancing to one of her father's songs
It's something bout the sunshine and how much she has grown
And it always goes away
It always goes away

I don't wanna waste another night
I'll call you in the morning when I can see straight
I've got a confession to make
I'll be alright
Track Name: The Yellow Line
I was riding the yellow line
I crushed my fingers in the door
You can call that what you want
I was fine, that's a goddamn lie
I'd take cardiac arrest
Over another night of this

But now you're gone,
And where do I go
When every dotted line
Is another excuse to roam?

This war of mine
It's been all my life
We carve our names to granite
In hopes we won't forget
Just draw the line
I'm too tired to fight
Just forgive and forget
I'll pretend we never met

And now you're gone
Where did you go?
I won't be waiting here
When you finally get back home

Now you're gone
Where do I go
When every dotted line
Is another excuse to roam?

Let it go
Track Name: This is Where We Part
Some nights I'm stuck on the careless little things
Like the smell of the beach, and the sound of your stereo
And 3 AM couldn't come sooner for me
These ghost town memories couldn't feel more empty

But I walk the streets
Under dying autumn leaves
Calling me

Saying yeah, you were right
Sometimes I still fear the night
In a closet of my wildest dreams
Is everything that reminds you of me

And 45 rounds weren't fast enough for me
Skip the needle through the track
I don't want that photograph

If the last you'll hear from me
Is this record on repeat
Skip over me

Saying yeah, you were right
These words were too easy to write
In a closet of my wildest dreams
I still see you running back to me
In a drawer I still keep a photo and a ring
Wish I could bring myself to burn this whole damn thing
Everything that reminds you of me

This is where we part